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Meet Lolita; neo-hippie and over-dedicated, cultural zealot. Meet her grandfather; Native American and wishing his granddaughter wasn't such an idiot.

Runtime: 3 Minutes 35 seconds

I did this as my Animation II and Animation III final. Took about 3 non-consecutive months and my first time using AfterEffects for post-production (Yeah sorry about the 25 MB size). Lolita is also a character from a series concept of mine called "Summer Rec" so expect to see more of her eventually.

Thanks to Sapphire for helping me find a great cast and thanks to Hnilmik and D-Mac for being that great cast.

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Wow that was just plain amusing. Not everyday I find a movie that's funny without overdoing it and being over the top. Great job! :D

A young Elizabeth Warren

"i told you to not try too hard"-.-#


well this is my first ever review, because i just discovered this since.. a second ago after i write this, well, nice is all i have to say


And that's why you dont TELL god's to what to do, You ask nicely :) lol, Nice video.