Reviews for "Cheromanchequois"


"I told you you were tryin too hard" lol i saw that coming... pretty good anyway, i loved the cloud effect, very natural!

Pretty funny!

I seriously hope to see more episodes of this silly hippie girl and her grandfather. The animation was pretty good and so was the voice acting. I was glad to hear Kimlinh Tran again after loving her voice Lucy in Charlie Brown Murders. She brings great characterization into the character. My only gripe was that this could have been longer, although the joke got across very nicely.

Hilarious, awesome animation

It was really great animation, funny story Though I really didn't like the realistic time lapse animation, kind of upset the whole balance of nature. (No pun intended)

it was alright

the story was alright, and the joke was pretty good. I'm loving the people who are complaining about it. lol. if your grandfather was from russia but you grew up with your parents in france does that make you more russian than french? the point is that she's making a mockery of the culture because she has no idea what she's doing. the grandfather never insults her, he just tells her to let it go because she has no idea what's going on.

very nice

clean animation, story was pleasant. pretty good overall