Reviews for "Cheromanchequois"

Great Animation; Iffy Moral

Very fluid animation. The character's personalities really shine through the small details you put into their movements and expressions. I really liked the little bit where Lolita stops to make sure the gate it really closed.

With that being said, the cartoon seems to imply that people of mixed backgrounds shouldn't explore and embrace their heritage. Being 1/4 descent is still a pretty sizable chunk of genome to owe to an ethnicity. It makes the grandfather character look cold and racist for not trying to share some of his (and Lolita's) heritage with her. The characters would work better if Lolita was only 1/64 (or some other ridiculously low percentage) Native and the old man was just an unrelated First Nation guy who lived next door.

Pixmintro responds:

It's more the fact she's trying to be out loud and proud about a culture she knows zero about, and is relying on stereotypes that are further damaging her actual heritage. Cuz come on, rain sticks aren't even Native American, they're Chilean


For some reason I just didn't find it amusing. The joke is funny, but the actual execution of the joke wasn't that funny. Still, good animation and all.



stupid hippy


I have been saying for years, especially to my friends who claim it, It's generally the whitest person you know who starts going off about their indian heritage. Im just happy Pixmintro proved me right in a sense. I should have included hippies in the equation. How I loath them.


cute, subtle, and slightly racist to native americans.......i like it