Reviews for "Cheromanchequois"

Good Piece of Work

I loved the animation and design, the voice work was amazing, and the art style was unique yet tasteful. The only thing I didn't like as much was the plot, there were some points in it that felt like they were more personal than artistic. The concept was good but the execution felt like you were venting more than creating satire. That being said I look forward to your next videos and think you are a good animator.

Pixmintro responds:

Honestly I don't have any investment or personal relation to the issue, I just found it as an interesting plot for a cartoon, I get what ya mean though

A real piece of art

This flash animation is really good, the storyline, the colors and design... everything is great! It may take time to load but it's definitely worth it.


My favorite thing about this animation is the visual effects, but even your storytelling, characters and setting are awesome! 10/10!

Holy crap!!

Am I awake?? Am I actually seeing a good flash animation with a MORAL??
damn, this was pretty good, the colors, the sound effects, the voice acting, all 10/10

wish newgrounds had more flashes like this.

Amazingly well done

You made a great flash movie: the animation is smooth, the lip sync is perfect, and the story can be used to just laugh at or see it as a social commentary piece.
Despite the moral or punchline, you did an almost perfect job telling it. By introducing the location the way you did, you can clearly see that which matter in just a few seconds. Well done sir, well done.