Reviews for "Cheromanchequois"

Wow, thank you

I can't like this enough! Not only was the animation pretty decent but that grandfather got to say what I've been wanted to say to people like this for years! Thank you.

Purty 0.0

I really liked the animation and the background, it's very smooth and clean. As for the character "Lolita," I think you really hit the nail on the head with that one. As a New Yorker, I know the type, she's obnoxious and hate-able and that's what I like about her. This character type has been done numerous times on tv and movies, but I like your representation of it best. It stirs up the instinctive semi-hate, and both, calmly and politely points out exactly whats wrong with people like this, while brutally makes fun of them.

Good show


Thought provoking and funny. Loved it!

you really, really, really

wanted to get noticed on NG didn't you inxtro? thats pretty hypocritical bud...

anyway, great job on the animation and basic social commentary, or as close as social matters can come to newgrounds. i did enjoy it. next time, make the metaphor subtle rather than saying it slow so all the youngsters understand the joke.

I've got a question...

Do you make an animation knowing or expecting to be on front page?Or you just do it for fun?Or what its your expectation?(Pease reply)