Reviews for "Cheromanchequois"


Everything was very nice, especially for Newgrounds standards. Great job!

Btw, this was not Flash, was it? Looks like Toonboom line quality.

Best I've seen since 'Warriors of the Portal' !

It's not often that I find something on Newgrounds that is animated so well and enthralls me as much as this animated short did! The animation was a brilliant mix of real world things and drawn characters. While this is basically a short joke , the set-up is just as entertaining as the punchline.
It takes more than brilliant writing to make a good cartoon, you need voice talent and animation that shows that the creators actually care about what they are doing.
It's obvious that Pixmintro put all his effort into this cartoon and the end result is an instant classic.
I've noticed some people say that they feel that Lolita was treated badly by her grand-father. While I think that Native American culture is something that should be preserved (I have a little bit of Cherokee blood in me[VERY LITTLE!]) the main point can also be the cultural differences between each generation, not just a slam on 'neo-hippies', like Lolita.
Excellent job Pixmintro, you have now earned a spot onto my favorites list.

thats rare

some clean humor

Im with XATU on this one.

I think she has a right to explore her heritage. And i think your message was totally jumbled. You say its cause she bastardizes her culture. Then if she is doing something wrong, i think the grandpa should have helped her and explained about thier culture. Instead you made the grandpa. Supposedly the mature one just look like a complete dick. Not only that but you made Lolita a very enticing character fun to watch and everyone felt bad for her. Its not her fault she lives in a suburban house with satellite tv. Most native americans do. I think its good for them to embrace thier culture but you have to understand that its impossible for people to live in tepees and longhouses like they used to. So in the end you flipped your own message on its ass.


Sad thing is, I know people like that!!