Reviews for "Cheromanchequois"

Good but...

Ok I get that Lolita is a hippie idiot, but she has a significant amount of Native American in her and an obvious interest in the culture. Yet instead of I don't know maybe teaching her about her heritage and cultural background and how to to properly embrace it the grandfather straight up tells her she's not Native American enough and ignores and belittles her. If he took the time to instruct her maybe she wouldn't be so ignorant about the culture.

Yeah I understand that this is supposed to be funny and I'm probably gonna get blasted for taking ti too seriously, but in the process of bashing overzealous hippie idiots it also, whether intentionally or unintentionally, sends the message that people of mixed ethnic backgrounds don't have any place within their multiple cultures.

My girlfriend is half black and was completely rejected by her white grandparents so maybe I am just a bit more sensitive to this issue than most.

That said the animation and voice acting were top notch. I base my rating off of these.

I have just one thing to say

A rare short review from me. The whole time she was saying "make it rain" I was expecting some great gangsta in the sky to start pouring money all over the place.


make it...



For the love of god do more

Fresh concept that needs to be expanded on

I really liked what I saw with this piece. The one thing that caught my eye was how incredibly smooth the animation was. The expressions nicely flowed from one emotion to another. I rather like your art style, it's nicely stylized and reminds me of my favorite 90s cartoons. The colours and textures added so much life to the scenery. I liked the cloud footage's inclusion. Normally seeing realistic video footage in a cartoonish style would look jarring, but the way you painted your backdrops made it seamless.

The voices for each character nicely fit;
D-Mac was a matured, snarky and intelligent grandfather. I liked how you avoided making him stereotypical in anyway or even a burnt out oldman, there was a lot of personality in him. He gave me the impression that he's still got youthful vigor in his old bones.

Hnilmik brought an eager and energetic presence to Lolita. I got the vibe that despite her irritating actions to her grandfather, she really was sincere and meant well. When she emotionally snaps she nicely sounds unhinged without giving the feeling of overrating. She hit the right points.

I really do hope to see more from you and look forward to your Summer Rec series.

All the best to you man