Reviews for "Cheromanchequois"

damn right true

ppl might have some part of something in there family but that doesnt mean they are. ppl get tats from lets say an indian tribe, and they know nothing of it or want attention for something that they think is cool. im part german doesnt mean im anywhere near being a german damnit. good jorb

Speaking as one who is a quarter Native american

Although Grandpa is a bit hard on Lolita he is somewhat right. She tries to hard and in some aspects deligitimizes indian culture.

Rain dance

Awesome animation and the cloud effects before the rain was excellent. Keep them coming, guy.


Wonderfully executed and awesomely animated. I don't know why but the part that stand out to me is when she tears the door off the picket fence. Couldn't help but think "fuck you picket fence".

I look forward to seeing more of this character.


dats a spicy meatball