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Dormitory Dudes

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*EDIT* DAILY FIRST!!! Thank you!! Front page too?! Thanks I never would have expected that lol.
Oh and incase you didn't already know, the below is a joke, just trying to post-attribute meaning to an otherwise frivolous flash haha :P


Deeply moving, a MasterPiece!!
Sycophant 1811
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A total Triumph!
The New Yes-Man
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A new innovation for animated storytelling!!!
Fictional Times
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
An Epiphany! I haven't felt such indescribable passion for another man since my wife left me for the babysitter!!!
The Subservient
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"Kevin & Clive: Dormitory Dudes" is a truly compelling exploration of a little discussed Conjecture of the increasing number of young American males' predilection towards the, often derogatory, meaning and use of the word 'fag' and their seemingly unparalleled fondness of the 'cock' joke.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

I Started this over a year ago for a laugh and was put on hold several times. I recently decided to finish it.
Yes I am aware that the beginning looks ...awkward..but that's just because Flash is stupid (with jpeg's and zooming)..kinda like this animation..

Also, Sorry Tom Fulp for having a bit of a copyrighted song in there but It's too integral to the movie to remove. I had, however, removed the first song and created my own as it wasn't necessary to be kept..

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Both these guys go on to be in the senate & run fortune 500 companies selling insider trades. Getting stupid rich while there greed is part of the vicious cycle that is helping plummet the financial markets into utter chaos & driving the American dollar into extinction. Oh yhea, & gay marriage is illegal in there respective states. They re-kindle the flames of their dorm life every year deep into the woods where the so call power "elite" gather & prance naked around a large barn fire that burns before a 3 story idol. Mocking nature & renouncing GOD. What?! exactly...

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3.88 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2011
1:31 PM EDT