Reviews for "Dormitory Dudes"


5 for the animation

0 for the funny

5 total

pretty good

First of all the ending was way too predictable. The music gave it away and it was easy to see the ending as soon as the one guy "got his feelings hurt." The voices were also too quiet at times. It was also not very entertaining because of the low brow humor. Your animations in general also need work.

Now on to the good parts... I think the way everything is drawn was excellent. The window in the intro was very detailed. The characters also express your style of drawing. I like how the one guy's ears bounced as he was talking. This would remind me of something on TV if it was cleaned up a little and there was maybe some more substance to the story line.


funny as hell didnt see that coming


Never thought it would end like that.........!

Interesting Concept

It started off with some crappy banter about, well, crap, but it seemed to build the conversation lightly with a soft pun at the end. The animation was good with a light style, and the storyline had a good concept.