Reviews for "Dormitory Dudes"

nice animation ... thats all

The animation was beautiful if the actual video had even caught my attention it would have been a 10 just cuz of the animation but the dialogue was kinda shitty :/

Nice one.

The best part for me was the kissing part, with the song coming along nicely...


I dont like gay shit but this is pretty funny.

I liked it

The animation style was to my taste and I also liked the dialogue, but WHY did you make them kiss? I think the animation would have been more touching if they were just friends, but still cared so deeply about each other's feelings. It seems to me that you put it there just for controversial reasons. Adding a gay factor to something DOESN'T make it more entertaining, at least for most people.


Ummm... what is this, I don't even... 10...