Reviews for "Dormitory Dudes"

Really funny! XD

It was very funny! And gay too!
I really liked the animatoion, it has a great image quality and sound is good too.
I hope you make more funny animations like this.


you're so gay XD
Great character designs and backgrounds. works well as a short piece. noice! and very gay :D Just like mr thin XD

CatFat responds:

haha yeah thanks man, I really should stop with this theme....

almost worth it!

until the end ruined it. the animation was awesome and even the script was okay!


very funny everything is perfect but you just need to improve in sound quality was in the voices.I know you what to use the copyrighted song but im sure you could find a nice song in the audio portal or you could ask someone to make a simular song or something that would create the mood you wanted but dont worry your flash is safe here they wont look for it here XD.

terrible script...

seriously... terrible, terrible script... it gets a five only because the voice acting was good and the animation was alright.