Reviews for "Dormitory Dudes"

totally unexpected

Wow I wasnt expecting for them to be lovers (or whatever they are)...the "dick" looks kinda like Leisure Suit Larry....lol


great art and animation
if you make your animations a little smoother they'll go off the roof!
your dr.seuss toon reminds me of fritz the cat!
pretty decent voice acting as well
great job!gay,but good :D
i'd give this a 9 or a 10 but you got great potential and you've got to work on it!

love it, not becouse im gay do

lol, this ia a very funny video, love the voices and the story. Brilliantly funny


Shit can be black. It occurs when the body is releasing blood into the digestive tract, from an ulcer, puncture wound or other problem -- the blood gets digested, and turns the shit black. Also known as tar-colored stool. If you see bright-red blood in your stool, it's from hemorrhoids or from a perforated colon or sphincter. Any of these situations would prompt a visit to the doctor.

Having the gay hots for your dorm-mate would just require a night of tequila drinking and pot smoking. Proceed at your own risk.


at first im like hmm its just a couple of stoners in college philosophising about poo.... then it got gay so fast and hard i felt like i was on a rollercoaster and i had just hit the top of the hill and i knew that it was too late to stop this gravy train... geat animation and good voice acting keeps you entranced in this...
you get 5/5 but only 9/10 cuz you went over kill with the gayness at the end.... you just did that moment tooo well and i cringed lol

CatFat responds:

Haha brilliantly summed up!
thanks a lot for this review!