Reviews for "Dormitory Dudes"

Defintely Gay

Dude, I love the animation. The animating is fluent and the voice acting is incredible. What's really marvelous is where this story was going. First it's all offensive. And, then it get soft and forgiving. Obviously, you made a movie. Great job.

CatFat responds:

Very flattering thank you!


FAKE AND GAY! ... nah just gay

Not sure what i just watched

..but I know it was wonderful.

I learned so much about myself, what defines a man and excrement color.


Dormitory Dudes makes me want to live

CatFat responds:

lmao, if you mean it in the way i'm thinking haha


i like your animation style, a little "rectangular" but i love it.
voices was really good timed.
but humor was, well, you know dickjokes..... not my kind of humor :D
anyway it was funny

CatFat responds:

Sure! I get that, not particularly mine either but I guess every flash artist has to 'go there' at some point! haha