Reviews for "Dormitory Dudes"

Let me start by saying the jokes were hilarious! It wasn't just that the writing was funny, the facial animations, style, and voice acting came together nicely to make it all work. You genuinely made me physically laugh with this, and while flashes don't do that to me very often, this was original enough to have that uncertainty factor which made me especially pay attention in order to see what would happen next - leaving me open for the impact of the jokes. Basically, the lack of plot establishment as the movie goes on entices the viewer to stick around to see where the movie is going with the opening dialogue, and by the end when the viewer realizes that there was no plot (at least not in a traditional sense) and the whole movie was a singular A and B dialogue, it was all made worthwhile by the jokes and excellent delivery. The way you set it up made it original - the jokes were the star of this flash and it was an excellent vehicle with which to present them. A short, funny, quirky flash - Good work and keep it up, you're getting better!


This Movie is alright. The Part with the boys Kissing was disgusting.

cool and wierd in the same time..

why did they make out at the end it's just "too far"

but it's well said it's great man.

Pain in the ass...

Great animation, haha I laughed all the way... apart the gay kind of part...

too far?

at first I thought so. The movie itself was hilarious. Mostly your timing (one of the most important things) was spot on. that's hard to do. Voices and visuals were spot on, that's hard to do. And then they were gay, and I wondered if you went to far. And then you finished with a couple of subtle gay jokes, and made it less uncomftorble. Good Show.