Reviews for "Dormitory Dudes"

That Why i never Apologize to a friend -_-

Too Far DuD TOO FARR, but great wotk, .. he yhea great, hamm,...work!

One comment

I know you thought this wud be a great idea man but eh, no ones likes gays except gays and girls. Sorry it went too far. Oh and good animation.


i thought at first "oh yeah this looks like decent video" but no its stupid. its gay too, you only make gay videos because either your funny or because your gay. you are considered gay if you acually like this video. the guys head is taller tha his entire body and his friend talk about being strong and a bunch of other crapwhy would anyone in this world make this the daily feature. its gay and reyarded and thats all i have to say.

no joke

Good animation and voice acting, and it started off with potential. Then it just ended with them being gay. I've got nothing against that, but it seems like you were just trying to use that as the joke, and it wasn't funny.

I learned so much

My heart pounded profusely while I was fumbling my nether region.