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After Years In Dark Tunne

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Author Comments

Hi everyone, if you liked my game, please check out my new board game here:


Thanks. :)


Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Jump
X - Interact
C - Inventory
V - Pray
Q - Self-Terminate
+/-/0 - Volume Up/Down/Mute

Sorry about the title, NG only allows 25 character titles at maximum.

Visit www.cosmicmaher.com
and www.ravenousflender.net

UPDATE: Fixed the Chloe/Endings bug.

Art + Design: Cosmic Maher.
Code: Flender.

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Great game, isn't it...


Good game

One thing keeping me from favouriting this...

I like this kind of game, but there's a major problem with this one. There's five endings and yet you lose all your findings each time! It's disheartening to find all but 3 objects/bodies/ghosts and have to go through all that again if I want completion. And I do have a map. As it is, I'm not going to bother.


Gameplay-wise, I think a more detailed explanation of how this game works would be less confusing. I didn't know what praying is for even after having getting through the game for 3 times, and it wasn't after searching around the web did I actually realize that you need to "touch" the floating prayer to regain hope. I also "attempted" to suicide 8 times before I realize you need a second press of 'Q' when the warning message pops up to really pull the plug. Additionally, it would be better if you put what the characters are saying at the bottom of the screen, like a subtitle, instead of just above the character. In some occasion when too many things are going around they get all stacked up(only you are talking) or mixed up together(meeting Chole) and you have no idea what the characters are saying.

For the aesthetic aspect I think the unsetting atmosphere is well crafted, especially considering maze-navigation is a bit dull. There's no upgrade and stuff, but the curiosity for the short comment regarding each crew members is enough to keep you going. The descriptions about collectible items seem a bit random though, like a dead cat that is "furious and free"(What??)

Overall this is one fine little exploration game.


A. Find all members and ship parts then set up the rescue signal at the flag site.
B. Find all ship parts and save Chole.
C. Find all members and their items then enter the temple, hopeful.
D. Find all ghosts members and their items then enter the temple, distressed.
E. Suicide. (This is possible when your hope is low. Staying in the water helps.)

You meet ghost versions of your crew when "hope is dwindling".
"Distressed" means you see "hope is gone. long live the black".

Note when you're distressed you move a lot slower and your crew will vanish, so you may want to repeat this cycle when playing: find the crew->dwindle your hope a little-> meet the ghost version -> replenish your hope... and only lost all hope when you've found all of them..."Crew members. Gotta Find 'Em All!!

I'm not sure if this is intended, but when I was trying to get the C ending, I met every crew member, their ghost version and have every item collected, but was unable to enter the temple. In the end I settled for D ending.(Which is fine because I haven't get both C and D back then.)

I see some are complaining about the lighting. Well, there's actually a tricky bug that allows you to avoid the darkening mechanism. With that traversing the maze should be no more than a little exercise.

This is how I trigger it:
Remember the maze entrance near where you started? When you're walking left to enter the maze, you walk 2 down-steps as the screen gets darker and darker before you reach an up-step. Memorize this spot.
Continue to jump up, reach the place where you find Evan. Below him you should see some water, get inside, and wait until you lose enough hope to perform suicide.(To do that you press 'Q' twice when you see a Q pops up above your head. Don't hesitate at the warning message, mind you. I got)
Jump out of the water and go back to the spot I mentioned earlier. Stay roughly at the middle of the short tunnel between the up step and down step and wait until you get the E ending. (As roughly implies, don't worry too much about the exact spot. The background should look almost symmetric if you're standing at the right area. A more collective saying is "stay at where the screen is half darken".)

Now proceed to play again and the game becomes "After Years In Tunnels".
(I'm not sure if this works on all flash versions, as mine is buggy sometimes.
If my explanation is not clear enough and you're interested, PM me for a snapshot explanation.)

Finally, I'm sure not so many has noticed, but if you go outside of the maze when you're distressed, you can see some freaky one-eyed monster floating in the air in the background, staring at you. Now that's really creepy.

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2010
1:41 AM EDT