Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"

Good game, but with a few minor flaws

I really enjoyed this game. I liked the dark atmosphere, the landscape, the idea of praying to restore hope, the ghosts...I'm a big fan of games like this.

Most of the complaints I have aren't much different from what I've already seen posted.

The jumps are annoying, but a very minor annoyance once you get hang of it. However, sometimes it seemed like the double jump wasn't working right. There were times I'd hit the button for a second jump and nothing would happen.

Is that by design or a minor glitch?

I don't see the point of the darkness in the caves. Really it just makes the game kinda difficult to look at. Turning up the light in the caves even just a tiny bit or making the main character's field of vision wider would make a lot of difference here.

The need for a map is one point I think I disagree with everybody on. The tunnels just don't seem that complex to me. There were moments early on where I was totally lost, but they're fairly easy to navigate after a while.

In fact, I think a lot of people are exaggerating the difficulty level of this game...

Couldn't quite figure out what to do with the door though. I had all the items, found all the crew and their ghosts (except Chloe, who wasn't dead), but I still haven't been able to go through the door.

Meh. I'm getting ready to play through it again anyway. :)z


This is how the game works.

You fall into water, or find corpses, you lose hope.

Finding items or praying gains hope.


There are numerous endings, but as of right now I haven't gotten them all. The one ending with Chloe is bugged - you have to close the game completely or else pressing X at anytime makes you do the same ending again with her, regardless of where you are. Notice also the room Chloe is in, is in a heart shape.

When you lose enough hope and hear heartbeats, you begin seeing the ghosts of your comrades. This, I assume, is towards the goal of the ending where you see some alien doorway at the bottom of the caves (where Cosmo, Alex, and David are). I also think that you have to get their personal items and deliver them to their ghosts in order to progress?

Anyway, there's lots of information that this game doesn't divulge. Walking in pure darkness is retarded, and vague hints reminds me of King's Quest series where you have no freaking idea what to do or when to do it or you will never see a good ending.

find the X

Pretty good game, but like everybody else said, it needs a map. I got stucked (literally) couple times, so I had to restart the whole game. It takes way too long to finish the game (once) because you don't really know where you are going or if you already have passed through that place.


and why even give as a pray option, when you have to wait 10mins to even see any difference in your health bar.

Absolutely Wonderful

I got a feeling of loneliness from the environment and ambient music that I haven't felt since the days that I played Myst and Zork.

It pains me to read through the reviews you've gotten. Unfortunately gamers today need to be spoon-fed their gameplay.

Ignore the requests. Don't add a map. Don't add instructions. Force the players to learn for themselves how the game is played.

If anything, the only things you need to fix are...

1. Bug after Chloe ending where X gets stuck on restart.
2. The tedious "ladder" to get to the couple's corpses. The precision needed to climb that was frustratingly Castlevania (in a bad way). I think if you spaced each block 1 space higher it would be navigable without being too easy.

We need more games like this. Carry on!