Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"

Designed to be boring

Playing this game was something like going trick or treating when you were 8 and visiting that one old ladies on your block who decided to, instead of handing out candy, give you some flier about embracing her religion.

Unwanted and kind of disappointing.

Reminds me of REDDER.

I got the ending where you save Chloe, after doing about 20 minutes of searching. This game reminds me of REDDER hardcore (probably because these two are almost identical, except REDDER focuses on insanity instead of hope), and that's a good thing. There needs to be more games like that, and this. It was sad, interesting, and well done. And that's only with ending B :D My only criticism is the slightly frustrating jumping mechanics. Good, but annoying if stretched out too much.

Could be great

I felt this game could be great except for a few things: 1) Needs a map. I hate being lost wandering around in the same area without any guidance. This game is to the point where I practically need to make my own map, and if that's necessary, it should be done by the game.
2) Not sure what praying does, as far as I can tell, it's a pointless button. Granted, I've only done it intermittently.
3) Better visibility. The game really suffers when you're in a tunnel and can't see anything, especially with low hope. Gets to the point where, really, combined with the lack of map, I just go in the same circle again and again.
Now, on the other hand, I think if these things were addressed, this game could be a serious A+ game.

frustrating? to say the least.

i understand the concept to never give up hope and embrace the lord etc, but you're doing something that is often known as game suicide. Through the no map feature as well as such limited lighting, the main thing i see is --well-- nothing. With almost nothing to help guide you and nearly blind aspect to go with, well, all you do is kill the fanbase. i give you a 6 for decent gameplay, but untill you improve the gameplay in some form i doubt you'll get too far with the game. If anything you'll be doing the same exact thing as the title: spending years in the dark looking for corpses.


Can someone tell me what happens if you unlock the temple? I played through twice, and wasted the parts on saving Chloe.