Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"

Chloe's ghost

I dont know how to get her blue check because she is still alive, help?


Am I the only one that doesnt think this game needs a map? Its about exploring and after doing the 3rd ending you get the entire maze.
I'm still trying to make the "D" ending, my best guess is that it has something to do w/ the dark.
Great game, I loved it!

It's Different...

I like many of the same things mentioned by the other users, but what I like most about this game is that it has sort of a tranquil and calm feel to it, but at the same time, there's still a challenge to the game that makes it fun to play. It's a nice break from fast-paced action games


It's quite a unique game I'd say. Got 3 endings only so far. Still haven't figured out the alien door thing cause I got stuck at Chloe (did the alternative ending for Chloe). Once I get all endings I'll def give this game a 10 =D

...I am most impressed.

This is the first time I've seen a concept like this, and it is nothing short of EPIC. Instead of dealing with the elements surrounding, your character is mainly fighting themselves and the urge to just give up. This is the factor that separates this game most.

Haven't found that last piece of the ship yet, but I will find it! Must see how it ends...

I do so dearly hope to see more games akin to this!