Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"

Wish I could give it more but...

I just can't see in those dismal tunnels. literally. You couldn't see your own hand in front of your face, let alone any floating platforms ahead of you, meaning you constantly are falling down and getting lost when you shouldn't be. At least increase the spread of the light, and I'll give it a 9/10.


After playing this constantly for almost 2 hours, I knew a lot about this game. The game delivers a very depressing and eerie atmosphere, where the only things you find are dead bodies ( Excluding Chloe ) and haunting reminders of the corpses. The further you are in the game, the more you learn that the protagonist is only fighting the truth; all his comrades are dead. ( Again, excluding Chloe; who will die anyways if you don't try to save her. ) Praying gives him false hope to try to find someone alive and well, his only friend being the temple, and the chance of someone or something being in there, or escaping with a friend. The messages gives itself over time ( Emphasis on MessageS. )

Sometimes, the only thing you can do is pray. Pray and live on false hope.

Good Game

i found all endings
Here's some hints/advise
1.the first time u play, u should try your best to figure out the structure of the whole "maze" and memorize the location of items and ppl
2.be aware of your status and bgn(n for noise), u see dead ppl when you're hopeful, ghost when ur hope is dwindling, nothing when ur miserable
3.if u cant get in the temple, u better read the inscription carefully
4.if u want to run faster, pray, u run faster when u feel hope (im not sure, i just feel like it)

Here's my comment:
I hate ppl say this game is frustrating / this game need a map
because this game is all about EXPLORATION !!!! that is.....the whole game is good, i like the plot, bgn(n for noise), graphics, i've nothing to complain about this game
some said the control sucks, oh well, u slip only when you're landing, this MAKES SENSE at the very least

good game

It's ok. I really like the idea. The plot, the exploration, the idea of reconciling the ghosts of your departed crew, losing hope and succumbing to darkness. All these things make this game original and exciting. What i don't like is the monotony of the landscape and the endlessness of the maze (which only functions to heighten the darkness and losing hope, i know). despite its function, I was hoping for more distinctive landmarks, maybe a map, maybe something that would help me remember stuff, but the constant twists and turns is what made me turn this off without completing the quest. I also experienced difficulty with stickiness in the controls. at times, i'd find the character would be locked into moving in a direction no matter what i tried doing. I've never had that happen in any other game here, but i know it is possible that this is on my end with my system.

Solid and meaningful

This was frustrating until I got the hang of it, but it is a really excellent game. As previous comments have said, the minimalism gave it a very haunting feel, and it kept me coming back to play it over to get all the endings. Everyone loves explosions and beautiful vistas and a cohesive story, but it's also nice sometimes to play a game that will make you feel something else. My only criticism is that I'd have liked for there to be a bit more to do, and even then that's only because I enjoyed the game so much that I wanted it to be longer/more involved. Similarly, I felt a little disappointed at how short the ending sequences were.
One thing I'd like to point out, both to save people trouble and to stop unfair criticism, when you pray you have to GRAB the floating phrases for your hope to increase. Holding the V key down for several minutes will still only help you so far as the words happen to float into you.