Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"

Best flixel game ever?

this shit is way better than any flixle gme i have played nd it is more complex to. 10-10

awesome and scary

this one scares me sometimes. i liked it.

Freaky Yet Satisfieing

i enjoyed roaming in the maze yet when it went hope is dwindling it kind of freaked me out made me feel like somthing was going to jump out and eat me Though it was fun yet Freaky and Yet Satisfieing

I congratulate you...

This game is disturbing and scary.

After wandering through mazes to find parts, you find cold dead corpses, even corpses of couples laying next to each other, and charred corpses destroyed from the blast.

This game is disturbing,

And thats why I give it a ten for the emotion it spawns within.

I'm lost.

Goood game but so discouraging.