Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"


cool game;]


Awesome game! I love games like this. I really enjoyed the concept of the dimming lights it took me a second to figure out how to "rekindle the hope". Great game cant wait for more.

@ Dragoon: Try "praying" that should help out tremendously : )

Absolutely Wonderful

I got a feeling of loneliness from the environment and ambient music that I haven't felt since the days that I played Myst and Zork.

It pains me to read through the reviews you've gotten. Unfortunately gamers today need to be spoon-fed their gameplay.

Ignore the requests. Don't add a map. Don't add instructions. Force the players to learn for themselves how the game is played.

If anything, the only things you need to fix are...

1. Bug after Chloe ending where X gets stuck on restart.
2. The tedious "ladder" to get to the couple's corpses. The precision needed to climb that was frustratingly Castlevania (in a bad way). I think if you spaced each block 1 space higher it would be navigable without being too easy.

We need more games like this. Carry on!

5th time playing this....

... still no idea how to get the ending "D". I've let my hope dwindle until I only saw the ghosts, but after I did that (and collected their memorabilia), the temple door didn't open. Perhaps, seeing Chloe was my downfall.

I think, in a way, it's kind of punishing to players who could run into both their dead bodies and ghosts at the same time (and closes ending "C" and "D" routes, I presume). I admit I didn't give much thought about how to kill Chloe to get her ghost, but not sure if that's a good idea, or that is even in this game.

Though it's taken down from the front page, people really should look at this kind of game closely. It shows how being hopeful or being miserable could be one and the same when you are in certain situation like this. For that reason, this deserves 10/10.

To those who are complaining about no map in this game, don't know what to say to you. It's not that hard to memorize certain locations if you try hard enough. I mean, I played each playthrough over five days, and didn't miss anything.


good game .... good example of human preserverance
kudos :D