Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"

A bit buggy but a great idea!

I really liked the hope mechanic in this game. The sentiment and emotion is all there...the game mechanics are not however.

As the character moves around the map, the graphics get really twitchy and there is a HUGE bug when completing the game. The first ending I got was "B", but every time I'd complete the game afterwords, it would repeat the Chloe ending. I found all the parst, items, crew members, and ghosts, went to the flag where you're supposed to set up the beacon, I hit X and it just keeps playing the Chloe ending. Unfortunately, the only other ending I was able to get was "E" due to this bug. If you could fix some of these issues, I would've replayed the game until I got all the endings.

Again, great job on the over all idea of the game, but the design and mechanics kinda fell through. I hope you fix the bugs and smooth out the kinks in this game.



a arty game with pixel graphics where you traverse alone in a dead land with a pretentious message and bad gameplay havent played a million of those on new ground already.

giving a 2 unless you tried to make the most generic art game ever then 10.

Clever concept undone by poor mechanics

This game shows great potential; the emphasis on hope, the ability to pray to get hope back, the loss of hope visualized through the encroaching darkness, are all innovative elements. Unfortunately, the mechanics make this novel idea frustrating. The jump mechanics are awful; it is really hard to jump from tiny platform to tiny platform in this state. Also, the character "loses hope" way too quickly, especially as time goes by. I had nearly collected everything, but fell victim to the darkness despite literally holding down the prayer button for like 3 minutes straight (causing flash to crash!). The lack of a map hurts any chance of getting the items and victims quickly enough, and makes it more a test of luck than hope and perseverance.

Pros: classic platform feel, novel ideas, the "hope" concept
Cons: poor jumping, no in-game map, poorly-executed "hope" mechanic

If the mechanic problems could be addressed, this would be a really great game!

you need a map

i can work everything out except finding my way back places.
also because i saw that someone didn't know what prayer did if you collect the sayings that come up when you pray then you will be able to see again and gain hope. also that brings me to another point some times (about 75%) the prayers would be in walls were you cant get them kinda annoying especially in tight spaces.

losing my mind

this game is incredibly fun i love it and being a completionist im going for all the endings, BUT becuase of having no map...shits hard please please please get a map in this shit, i can understand you saying "but it defeats the exploration aspect" however make the map shadowed and uncover it as the player progress through the confusingly confusing tunnels thats prolly the only thing keeping me from giving it a 10/10 still gets 5/5 however keep up the good work, try to get medals for this shit too