Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"


for fuck sake... ever heard of a qwertz keyboard?

maps are good.

i loved this game. loved the hope thing, i didnt know about hte praying for hope thing, i'd just pray over the corpses of my friends and with their ghosts and i regained hope.

after i got all the parts and found all but two ghosts, not bodies, i tried to find the rest so i can get into the temple, couldnt find them. spent forever trying and all i did was get suicidal. i decided "f**k it" and went and built the beacon.

justification for him to have a map, one that fills out as you go along in the game, is easy. lets say he has a good memory, gets around with his eyes. or a digital scanner at his wrist. please, give out emo-boy a map. lols.

-4/10 because of no map and it confounded me easily when i REALLY wanted to continue, 3/5, same reason.


i think this game was pretty good but lack of a map annoyed me to me it seemed like one of those games that are just telling a story so running around getting lost and not being able to find everyone and everything kinda pissed me off because i ended up missing half of the story

Good game

Its a little glitchy, in this playthrough i literally glitched inside of a wall and couldnt move, so thats something you gotta work on. I like the whole hope thing, i dont think people understand that you have to collect the floating words to regain hope when you pray.

Good graphics, but very poorly designed

It was overall a good game, i usually like games of this art style and the graphics on this game were pretty good, but the hope mechanic completely took away from it.

As your hope fades, the game gets grayer and grayer, to the point where everything is the same color. A perfectly understandable idea and pretty clever except for the fact that i ended up playing the entire game in grayscale, as regaining hope through prayer takes AGES. I placed my phone on the 'v' key and came back 3 minutes later and my hope was at about 80% full (i was close to sucide when i started).

Then there was start-up. In the game you begin with a quote, and a list of keys, with no explanation towards the purpose of those keys. I was pretty confused so i tried killing myself to see what would happen. All i got was 'don't panic', so then i tried praying and nothing other than yellow messages popped up. Surprisingly enough i was pretty confused. I only figured out what the two keys were for when i started praying to regain hope, then accidentally killed meself(>.<)

Next is Chloe. When i had initially started the game i had gone in the first cave i had seen. After getting lost about 30 times i had all the ship parts and bodies accounted for with the exception of the 'wires' and Chloe. So i did some exploring, found her, hit X, and lost an hours worth of work with no warning. At that point i was tempted to rate the game 0, because it would not have been so much trouble to write 'Are you sure? If you do it will end the game' -.-

Also a glitch i noticed: After i 'sacrificed my life' to enjoy chloe's company, There was an 'X' over my head no matter where i was. If i hit X then it would say 'you sat with chloe.....till you oxygen ran out' and end the game. If you hit it while you were walking however, the game would ask you if you would like to use all the ship parts to save Chloe. This made me pretty mad as when i hit X before, i had ALL the ship parts, but this option was never offered to me. At that point i had pretty much lost my all faith in this game. To the point where i didn't even want to waste all my time finding all the ship parts again so i could find the other endings.

So basically:
-Speed up how fast you regain hope from prayer
-At least explain the keys' functions. (for example 'pray to regain hope/color)
-Fix Chloe (so that if you have all the ship parts, as i did, you will actually have the option of saving her) and place a warning while you are at it.
-Add a map. If your concerned about a map taking away from the concept of exploration, then make it a shadowed map please (as snailmaster suggested)
-Fix the above glitch

As i've mentioned, the game had potential, which was killed, burned, and buried by the game mechanics itself. 3/10 2/5