Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"

Splendid. ^o^

I'm a big fan of art games, especially pixel art games.
I loved the story line, as it is pretty self explanatory.

The thing I loved about it the most was the "Hope", instead of "Health".
I find that very interesting.


This game is cool, Kinda reminds me of dead space's Issac Clarke.

I made my map

for the first time i've played "AYIDT".....my vote was 3.
but i tried much more......i memorized some places.....but this tunnels is more a labyrint.......so, i put an A4 paper next to me.....and made my map.....isnt complete, but i understand, some places i just make an arrow setting: Temple....

i find all the things.... but i didnt find were to make the finishes...... i just know about the ships parts place, but the only thing i cant find, its the wires.......
i do no what to do...... but, its okay....... i really love this game..... because the principal, is the exploring.....and not only the tunnels.....but all the game.....
so...... i gonna try again!

just great

took me forever but i enjoyed it

only minor details

the idea of the game is good, much like other pixel art games on newgrounds.

however, there is a lack of a map even if it is entierly black and only becomes visable once you have visited that area. even though it is a maze, i find that i got bored going over the same parts over and over again.
also even a modifaction on the keys to either all directional pad or A,W,S,D because pressing Z and using left + right becomes quite hard to control imho.

the rest such as sounds (in space no one can hear you) are relevant and the praying is a unique feature.