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Air Pressure

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A game by Bentosmile (ported to Flash by Raitendo)

Bentosmile's comments:

Air Pressure is a visual novel game that I've been working on on-and-off for a while. It has only three different endings, but a lot of branches!

I hope you enjoy it. It is quite a serious game, I guess. :)

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Took me a decade to find this again, but I managed at last.
The visual style alone was something that really stood out to me back in the day along with the subject matter really standing out to me.

This is hardly a detailed review, but just a little rambling and a small nod to the author for making something extremely memorable for me years later - hoping they read it!


Honestly, I remembered this being rated A, for some reason. I think that's why I had so much trouble locating it. I'm glad it was as insightful as I remembered it being, maybe a bit more then it was when I first played it.

There's a lot of short VN that are good out there; this one is precisely the right length for what it does. If you somehow wander in here, do yourself a favour and play it. It was entirely worth the search.

I love the metaphor.

Seems a bit fucked up...but realistic, and that's how life is sometimes...needing ti break an addiction...a toxic relationship...I'd know all about it...very difficult...but very necessary...
Sensible when you progress through and see...the true nature behind the thing you worshipped in the beginning, only to face reality and find out...it's not healthy. Perfect music choice, very nice artwork, and realistic game. 5/5

Im guessing its a person too dependent on an AI program and the program became sentient and began a romance with said person.