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Reviews for "Air Pressure"

Pretty amazing game. She kinda makes it hard to decide if you wanna be with her or not.

i love this game so much... i'm starting to hate leigh so much that i can't get the "bad" ending! i think that if i think of her more like a drug it's harder to be mean to her,because you think of drugs like something that creates dipendence,but when you realize how much she pretends to be the only thing that exists for you,you start to hate her and you want her to leave.

what should i choose???? so many hard decision to make oh my glob!!!

wow... that was deep.... i seriouslly cant decide wich decitions are good or bad here,,,,

pretty intense feeling game, a piece of art i would call it, reall ynice job

This will forever be one of the best games on NG. by far. amazing.