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Reviews for "Air Pressure"

This hit really close to home. In both meanings. I've been both in an phisically abusive relationship and addicted to self harm.
It's making me think about my life, which I think was the point of the game. A thousand stars for you.

It's hard to follow all the different threads, especially for people like me who'll want to see what happpens as a result of each branch. Interesting subtext of the addiction. didn't really understand the hospital scene but got the gist. Want some colour in there in the ending where he moves on.

I liked it. The visuals were simple but worked for what it was trying to accomplish. The music was sombre and sad, which was strange considering what the novel was about. Then it hit me. This isn't a love story. It's about a man who is trying to get rid a serious addition that started in high school, and making the choice of choice for a better life. This is definitely something that everyone should give at least a try.

Do NOT read ANY comments until you have played! Seriously, it totally ruins it! And in case you haven't realized, you must play the game a few times to understand it.

Ok, onto my thoughts. Wow. Just wow. At first I thought the game would be bad, because of the simple art and repetitive music. But they turned out to be really effective in getting the point across. I couldn't get the hospital ending for my first 5 attempts, so I was stuck wondering 'What is the meaning of this game?' and 'What is the third ending?' When I managed to obtain the hospital ending though (by actually being nice to her XD) I suddenly realized what it all meant. I knew Leah wasn't real almost straight away on my first go at the game (she was just so...off), but when I finally found out what she actually was my mind imploded. What an epic script.

To conclude, the game's art and music may not be the best, but proves to fit in perfectly with the game's meaning. The scripting is excellent, and the way it makes you read between the lines is beautiful. Five stars.

A rather haunting little visual novel, for reasons I can't quite place... it may be the fact that girl is so sweet and lovely, and despite the unnerving effect of the 'pressure', I felt compelled to stay with her... in fact, I thought the 'pressure' was probably merely the effect of a brain tumor growing in my skull and I figured that since I was playing an Utsuge and I was probably going to die anyways, I might as well get close to Leigh while I still could... the Hospital Ending made me question that choice...

I have seen many writers use drugs as a metaphor for love, but never before have I seen one use love as metaphor for drugs.