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Reviews for "Air Pressure"


I like this a lot. There are quite a few people I know who need to play this, to try and settle things in their life.

I like how everyone is interpreting the game differently, it really shows how Leigh can be almost anything you want her to be.


As far as Newgrounds games go, this is definitely on the serious side, but it was totally enjoyable.
Usually, when you make a serious game, it ends up being just a lecture more than a game, but this was so open-ended that it eliminated the wagging-finger phenomenon that you normally get from games that aren't all about blowing things up or solving crap. Excellent work, great potential for this type of game. :)


I swear this plot has been used so many times in alot of animes i used keep i t up hope to see more simalar to this

Quite Eerie

I liked Dynasty333's conclusion, but it wasn't too clear for me.

The main point for the flash would be that you can't rely on someone forever. And vice versa. That was why when you try to part from her, it was the most logical ending. It was what the protagonist wanted anyways. Leigh also needed to socialize with others instead of just with the protagonist. The "glitch" was perhaps the protagonist going mad after deciding to stay with her. So the glitch, the eeriest part of the game, was nothing but a huge huge huge sign that you need to get away from her.

This makes me question what life could've been if I had the same gf for life. That'd be quite a bore now that I think about it.

My own feelings.

I'll start by saying that I am a romantic guy. I like the thought of an unbreakable bond. When I found the character, me, was in the hospital, and the nurse asked "Why I did it." I thought "To save her?", but then the story ended and there was no elaboration. After reading the comments I saw how the drug and cutting instance would make sense. However, being the romance-lover I like my version better. Thank you for a nice story that could possibly have multiple meanings, depending on the player.