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Reviews for "Air Pressure"

I've been coming back here at least once a year since 2010 to see if I answer differently, and I can see the changes I make every time. For the first time today I've actually been able to let her go. Seven years and its the first time I see that ending.

Another game from way back in high school. I read another comment before understanding the meaning, and it hit home. Felt stupid for not getting it myself. "...wrapped herself around my left arm..." Really specific word choice. Should have caught that. Pixelated style was fun. Not a biggest fan of the soundtrack, but love the story and the different endings. Still do years later.

Maybe emo's and suicidal people enjoy this - I didn't.

Ooh this game is so good it feels like it has been made by gods, the music is like harp being played in heavens. This game is better than any game on the planet. This game makes ps4/ x-box look like almish inventions.

Anything i do seems to make a bad impression on her xD great work on the game though 7/10