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Reviews for "Air Pressure"

Some deep shit, man.

At first i thought "Oh, must be another generic Sim-date" but DAMN was i wrong!
It kind of make me wish that the decisions we make in life would show up in front of us so we could make a clear one and not on impulse.

This game runs deep. Well done.

SPOILER ALERT: You better not read this before playing the game. It ruins it.

WOW. I haven´t played a game like this since a long time.
The creator makes a very good job at using all his resources to create the perfect environment for the story. Leigh just makes you feel like more comfortable, do to her attitude and apparent personality. Maybe that is what the creator tries to make you feel, as if you were that nameless protagonist. When I realized what her true nature was, oh boy, I did every possible thing to avoid her.

Also I found that the yellow background, the melancholic music, the dialogue and the complete absence of other characters were really important to create a mood for the game, not suitable for a romantic novel, but good for this. And the way the "addiction" has a name, and is treated like "someone" instead of "something", helps you see how the protagonist sees his problems as in a relationship, and how he confronts it by "going closer and serious", "not taking it seriously "or "brake up". It is also important to notice the protagonist doesn´t have a name, probably in a way to introduce the player within the game in a more touching way.

Anyways, one thing to notice is, even though the tags say that this about drugs and addiction (which is the first thing that goes through your mind after playing this a few times), this is actually more about "Self-Mutilation" as said by others reviewers, which makes more sense when you think about it. This is proven by reading some phrases like "she wrapped herself around my left arm, and has stuck there ever since" or "If they find out about me they´ll hate you for sure" or "You were lucky this time, you didn´t hit any nerves or arteries". There are plenty of these, and makes you realize this guy was probably one of those forever alone, whose life was unworthy until he met "her", using her to forget about the world and go on instead of confronting his problems. That may explain why he feels uncomfortable when he is around crowds of people and wondering why he can´t be like them.

It is a game to play several times to understand it completely, and I think this is something to think about, at least for a while. Good game, very good game, I really hope to find more games like this on Newgrounds, and I´m sure I´d like to see more of this material coming from this creator. BTW I apologize for my bad English, for it is not my native language.

nice,PLZ make a squeal!!!!!!!!!