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Reviews for "Air Pressure"

I really like the concept.
Based on my interpretation of the story:
This seems to be about guy wich found himself to be very dependent of the girl (friend), to an extreme of couldn't live without her (I assume he tried to commit suicide.., maybe the friend died before?).
Short, but efficient.

Pretty strange game and title, but it's also really good and dramatic.

I'm pretty sure the best ending should be letting go, even if it hurts, because clinging on to her will strangely make you end up in the hospital and hurt yourself. :(

Whatever Leigh represents, it's not anything good...

Normally, people would want to be nice to their partner though, right? :?

I think I remember during the "bad" ending paths, Leigh actually shows a scary yandere side besides getting angry, but she also looks hurt and sad... She's scared, angry, and sad, all mixed up in one when you tell her you don't need her anymore and want to move on with your life...

I hope the guy found some other meaning in his life if he chooses to "dump" her. :(

while some peoples say that this game is something about "Drug addictions"
I my self found out that this story is not about Drugs, but Codependency of two Friends that can't get closer than friends, but fears to part away either.

for peoples that had the problems like Codependency in the past.
I think Leigh will not look like a fictitious character, but somebody you've met before.
she made me remember my Codependent past. and I now understand how this kind of Relationship is something good for each other.


A really great game. It's rare to find a good flash visual novel and this one, despite being a bit short, has a really deep meaning. I strongly recommend it.

I loved it! I thought it was really great I loved how there are so many endings which makes you want to replay the game over and over to find out what happens.