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Reviews for "Air Pressure"

I love this game, it feels so heartfelt and genuine. Does anyone know who the music is by? Forgive me if it said it somewhere in the game and I just couldn't find it :P

This is fascinating to me.

Okay so this is based on my experience. I don't think this is anything to do with co-dependence. In fact iI believe this visual novel only has 1 character and that the girl is a representation of self-harm. In the first ending I got he just stayed how he was and thought he was okay but wasn't sure; this paralells how some one who self harms feels they need to self harm to be themselves, because it reaffirms there existence. The second ending i got he got closer to her and felt terrible yet amazing at the same time, which is similar to getting rid of the feeling you're trying to drown out but feeling the pain that you've replaced it with, not to mention that you wake up in a hospital and the nurse comments on how you didnt cut on any nerves, asking what made you do it. The third and final ending i achieved was what i percieve to be the happy ending, after a long time thinking you come to the conclusion you need to stop your dependance and after an awful struggle you're finally free and happier than you've ever been.

If my interpretation is correct then this is why the game is getting my 5star rating, it genuinley resonated with me on an emotional level. of course i could be entirely wrong but either way this is a great game with very few flaws.

fav game

In my eyes, it's maybe not about drugs or anything, but about depression!
I mean, many people are afraid, that others will hate them if they find out about their depression.
Also, it happens really often, that depression starts in teenage years!
Many try to kill themselfes, that would also explain the hospital.
Don't know if it's true, but meh!
* Disappears *