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Reviews for "Air Pressure"

"Can't live with her, Can't live without her" That was the first thing that came into my mind when I played this, I really love how Leigh can literally be anything, Drugs, Violence, Alcohol, or a very abusive partner in a relationship, Anything. It really ends with how you look at the situation. Personally when I was playing the game I felt compelled to never let go of Leigh, Seeing as how the main character always says how much he needs her-- and that they have been together for a really long time. Upon playing towards the other endings its unveiled that he's actually unsure of the relationship that he has with Leigh, I think he loves her a lot, but the loser he gets, the more hurt he becomes. I completely agree that the "good" and "bad" endings can both be set in opposite tones, that the good is actually bad and viceversa. The "best" ending i think will have to be where he's unsure and just keeps her around because he knows he'll end up needing her again.

11/10. Fantastic story told, music was really sad and cheerful the same amount of confusion as the game provides. Thank you for bringing this game to us.

This game is very creative with its deeper meaning but also in its interpretation. Depending on how you look at it the good and bad endings could be completely switched. Its all about how you see the story and while it is known what the deeper meaning is (especially if you look at the tags) when i first played through and got the bad ending i thought i was doing everything right. Its a great look into how things can be seen differently.

Amazing game. 9001 out of 5

I already knew this was about drugs before I even looked at Zeronine's review. I usually never look at reviews until I complete the game completely. Who looks at the reviews for advice? Isn't that what walkthroughs on websites or youtube are for?

Considering drugs have brushed my personal life, I should know that drugs and self-mutilation are like parasites that should be cut out, no matter how painful the process.


If you portrayed the addiction as a monster or a maze, it would've had less effect on the player, and make it easier to beat. But you portrayed it as a loved one, making the challenge not for skill, but for emotion and conviction.

THIS is how addicts see it, they don't see it as a danger to destroy, to overcome, they see it as someone close to them, someone who helps them when nobody else will.

Leigh seems to know just the right thing to say and do to unnerve you and make you more compliant, employing everything to keep you with her, at that point I could only tell the difference between the good and bad endings because everyone had put it in their reviews.

Even though I knew I had to get rid of her, I had nearly cried in the "good" ending.

Five stars isn't enough.

This is very nice. Very deep and beautiful. I liked the fact that the player had no known name. So there are three endings. The girl is some kind of addiction. I believe it might be drugging, drinking, or cutting. Either way, the played can take a route towards three different endings.
One ending is where he finally admits and agrees to never leave her again. He/she is later in the hospital discussing a wound with a nurse.
Another ending is where he admits that he had taken the relationship farther and deeper.
Final one is where he actually makes her leave. I guess he ditches his addiction.

Overall, really really loved this. A good game to come back to.