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FlxAdventure is a super-simple Adventure RPG coded with Flixel for the TIGSource Assemblee: Part 2 ( https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=9600.0 )

A small town has suddenly been overrun with monsters! Fight your way through their ranks and delve deep into their lair to put a stop to their nefarious dealings.

Controls: Arrow Keys!

In combat:

Up = Normal Attack - Does normal Attack and Defense.

Left = Defensive Block - Does No Attack, but 2x Defense with small chance to heal 1 HP.

Right = Reckless Strike - 2x Attack but no Defense

Down = Attempt to Flee - No Attack and No Defense, but if it succeeds, you can escape the combat.

Hearts = +1 Max HP

Swords = +1 Strength

Shields = +1 Defense

Keys are dropped by enemies and unlock all the matching doors on that level.

Pick up apples and meat to heal, coins to spend at the shop (or to offer the Gods for Ressurection).

Collect gems to earn special magic armor.


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the one that looks like rotmg


Sorry for the orthographe, i'm not english.

i play to your game until the end, 0 death, and i have a few tips.

-Make the monsters harder, i literally one shot every bosses.

-maybe stop placing the orbs (or XP, dunno) after the level three, they became useless, or replace it by something else.

-make maybe some "potion" that we can drop, and the effect would not be see

- a little text after the bosses would be cool then juste YOU WIN, :3

-maybe more animations for the bosses, that just look like moving statues

-maybe saving spots could be useful

- achievements, medals! it would be cool!

Anyway, i enjoyed your game, Four stars for ya buddy

needs saving data and music.
like it

Extremely fun and addicting, all it needs is a little music!

A very decent game, but it has some concerning flaws you may want to address should you make a second one of these:
1. No Sound at all, no offense but no sound = problems
2. No save system for continues, the game is almost impossible to get through in one sitting, NO SAVE POINTS?! GAH!
3. Level up limitations and weak bosses, I used a reckless strike on the final boss, ONE HIT K.O. The bosses should probably have more health than the regular monsters
4. No Achievements?! It's good if your bored, but no points earned? Uh-oh.
But other than those little problems, it's actually a pretty darn good game.
I hope to see this critique taken into consideration should you decide to make a second chapter of this series(?)

Credits & Info

4.01 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2010
1:59 PM EST