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Haha! Check out the TRIVIA-GAME, but be sure NOT TO MISS THE MOVIE!!!

If anyone manages to beat the Trivia - please let me know :)

This episode has taken very much hard work! Please wait for it to load.

Thanks for the support!

Story so far: Barbara and the Bear have beaten the Newton-Clones in space and taken over their ship. Now they fly back to Earth and crash into the school!

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This Was nice

Funny as always the subtitles should be at the bottom not at the top, you have some nice "EFFECTS" in this film, So here we are with another Y-Town series here we have some great characters, some funny moments but lots of humor and the animation on these are just funny and amusing so "NICE-ENERGY" you put fourth into this series and "FUN-FILLED" bunch of characters really nice work.

the subtitles should be at the bottom not at the top


I would not recommend this, but it wasn't bad at all. It's mostly because it did have a pretty funny and unexpected ending. I wasn't expecting them to all die. Wait, the bear was okay, right? I love the design of the Tera Eraser. It was quite nice to stand out in contrast to the mostly cheesy animation.

I think the voices need work. There wasn't that much distinction. Wouldn't Newton already be dead? I guess this eraser is a good shot. Of course, in reality, they probably wouldn't even last THAT long.

great episode i got all the trivia questions right on the first try

i love it

i love this series. in fact i love it so much. i got the trivia questions all of them right. bwuahaha. great job marcus. XD ( oh and when i said i got em all right, i mean on the first try. ;))

McRhyme responds:

Great job :D


This was insane,there was loads of randomness and the facial expressions kept making me laugh so much,the quality of both the animation and voice acting keeps on getting better and better,nice work.