Reviews for "Ytown Public 5"


not to be gay or anything but i think u rock, dude u must make more episodes, you will become famous, i love swedish people there sweet, oops:P sorry no offence. Anbody who doesnt like this is probably adicted to porn or something or smoking coke-aine hehe ive watched all yur episodes, keep continuing and like that other dude said, its imposible for u to respond to all these reviews, aww man u rock!!!!

McRhyme responds:

Oh, many thanks! There is one more episode comming soon. Then I'm off to Englang to work in a Hotel (for some reason). I'll be staying abroad 6 months. Then I'll be back in Sweden to study (and make some more animations). The reason why I've been able to make this many episodes in such a short time (I started in November) is because I haven't done anything else but hut infront of the computer, draging and drawing in FLASH. Yeah!

Also watch out for a new version of YP#1!


Hey man, I love your Ytown Public series(Don't go looking for a 'but' because you won't find one here!)! I think it's totally funny. Fred and the Evil Principal rock!
I read the last review you got, and I think they're being a little too critical. They're kinda trying to get you to turn Ytown into anime style stuff, which might not realy be a good thing, because everyone else goes the way of the Japanimation. I hope they didn't sway you too much!
Maybe the reason so many people like YTP is because it's a totally original concept, you know? Totally random, funny stuff, but hey, it works and you were the king of the portal. Keep on churning out the good stuff, I can't wait to see #6!
PS: I think it's totally sweet you reply to all the reviews, and um, I beat the trivia quiz, it was a lot of fun. =)

McRhyme responds:

Ahh... it's nice to not read "buts". But, "buts" are good cause they make you improve. Without "buts" and "pleases" YP would still be at epsiode 1 level. Did you know that I will remake and and rerelease #1 again? No, you couldn't possibly know that - Because I haven't told anyone. Thinking of making it part musical. HAHA! Pretty funny. Never mind. Glad you like my style. Things I draw automaticly turns this way! I can't help it!

Oh... yes. I was the KING OF THE PORTAL. Haha! Those were the days! It was YP#1 and YP#2 that gave me that reward. They both placed ONE. This new episode did crap. IT WAS FOURTH OF THE DAY! Common? How can that be? Oh.. never mind. I guess I can't beat flash emulations of nes games.

alambadodi alambadodiladidey

And I see that you need a /real/ animating job...

But yeah. This is pretty good stuff. But perhaps no better than Ytown 4, bar the quiz.

I'm not entirely sure if I like the way you've got the normal characters goggling at stuff. Maybe you could take a leaf out of the Japanese' book and for comic situations draw a kawaii version of the characters, against either a blank or psychadelic background?

Has the voice actor for Glory Gal changed? I just noticed that she sounded really 'stilted' when she was talking about taking a photo...

2nd last thing (this isn't a criticism - merely a suggestion) - at some points, the subtitles were hard to read, because the backgrounds were a similar colour to the text. Maybe you could make the ubtitles roll across the screen? Or maybe you could make the characters have speech bubbles or something...

Lastly, to be honest, I didn't find this amazingly funny.

But, then, I didn't find the earlier episodes that funny, but I enjoyed watching them for the plot. And this one certainly didn't disappoint in this respect.

I liked a lot of the bits which I'm not going to spoil for other people.

I also really liked the quiz, and the 'reward' was really good. Whilst coding a scrolling engine, I decided to lidten to it for some strange reason, and I started laughing like a madman in the middle of the class! Certainly cheered me up, after having coding problems...

Yeah. This is a pretty tight series you've got going here, and it's definitely one of the better NG series. But there's still room for improvement.

Oh, and I like the idea about the sub-series. But have a preloader to THAT. Make it so that you can do the character bios and background story bit until the quiz loads, then you do the quiz until the sub-series loads, then you get to watch that until the proper movie loads!!!!

It'd be maqdness!!!

But, it'd be great. And hysterical. (Or, mildly amusing at least.)

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, thanks for reminding me to make a TRIVA again and but it in the preloader. It's pretty sad you don't think things have gotten better since #4. I think this episode has a much cooler story (but AL in #4 is hard to beat). No "movie link" this time. In #4 I was thinking of "2001 a space.." with AL and all.

Yupp, maybe I made a couple of googled eyes this time. I think the opening scene with Fred screaming is fun (not beautiful). I have chosen to go for "add on"-google eyes when they get excited. Looks okay - The best thing about it is that I can animate the eyes really easy, making them look around and increase bust.. sorry eye-size at any time. In #2 I used a phsyco effect when Newton charged Giga. The background was white. Sometimes I use a blue manga style background, but I don't want to over to it and start looking like Pokémon. Glory is still played by my sister, but I think she had had a hard day :)

I could make a small background for subtitles, no sweat!

I have learnt by now that you don't laugh very easily. Nor do I - But I find the series amusing and I SMILE.

I'll try to make the TRIVA and SUBSERIE (it will be comic like-not animated)

i did it

i beat the trivai, it was easy and ytown kick ass

McRhyme responds:

Good work! The next TRIVA will be harder, MUCH HARDER! But if you complete it you will be revarded with an entire episode of the SUB-series to Ytown Public - "A TALE OF A PENS TAIL"!

How about that?! Yeah!

Remember me?

Yes im still alive! but what am I gonna do with those pictures if shes dead *sob* nooooo barbara nooo whyyyyyyyy???
(in the distance:Ahhh my parachute wont open!)
*looks up*
Not this time fat fuck! *takes out his bazooka and blasts newton to fat bits*
*gets hit by a crashing plane from osama*
Noooo I cant die I have pictures of glory gal jerking to a picture of fred!!!!

McRhyme responds:

How can I forget you? Impossible - You're the crazy kid who does the most drugs while watching Ytown Public! I think you should start a series, you've cool things going on in your mind all the time! (much like me)