Reviews for "Ytown Public 5"

'Bout time!

I know, I know. It takes a while to dish these things out but it sure has been a while since your last one! Looking forward to more!

McRhyme responds:

It does take a LONG time, I'm unemployed - I don't do anything else! The reason why this one took a bit longer than the others way that I was on vacation one week, and I have also already finished the 6:th episode! Haha! So all you gotta do is wait another one or two days (while I make a new and more advanced TRIVIA) and then come back and see the FINAL EPISODE!

If jesus had a flash series...

this would be it! Big improvements in humor my friend! i found myself rolling on the floor laughing my balls off! The prize was even funny!great job ;-)

McRhyme responds:

Haha, thanks man! Glad you like the humor now! And I'm you were rolling on the floor. Eh, yeah. The PRIZE was worth fighting for wasn't it? Haha, pretty stupid really. Oh well. I'm off to bed. Got alot of FLASH to do tomorrow :)

Very Shibby

This has to be the best Ytown public yet! Thank you for making it funnier too. The humor was what made me give you a 10. And, As always, very followable and cool plot. Good Job!

McRhyme responds:

I think it's the best one yet too :)

I try to make them as funny as a can. In this episode there are many jokes sqweezed in! Yeah, jokes are pretty funny.

Glad you liked the plot too. It's pretty fast going. No dead time, right?

Why can't everything on NG be this good?

Seriously man, YP is one of my favorite Flash cartoons ever. It'd just be nice if they were longer. Any chance of maybe a 15-minute episode format, like some of the shows on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim? [which this would be great for BTW, but even if it were cleaned up, they'd never take it :(]

P.S. Let me know if you ever need some more fan voice acting. I have a voice (at least I think I do. Lemme check ::lalalaaaaaaa:: yep yep there it is)

McRhyme responds:

Okay, I don't think I need more voices right now - But if I do inte future, you can expect a mail!

Making the episodes 15 minutes long would be crazy. First off watching a totally wacked cartoon, like this one, for more than ten minutes causes damage to your brain - So making them 15 minutes would be... well dangerous. I will send the series to some TV-shows in Sweden. I WILL BE SENT - I KNOW IT!!! I FEEEEEL IT!!! MOHAHAHAHAHA!

I was wondering

when another would be out. I liked the "All your school are belong to us". Looked like there was no great justice no matter how many Glory they took off. She should have set up it the bomb. Also, I beat the trivia

McRhyme responds:

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes you get attacked by huge mechs, other times you flash movie is beaten by crappy games. Oh well. Life goes on.

Good work beating the TRIVA!