Reviews for "Ytown Public 5"

It rocked AGAIN!!!

Hello, I've made ANOTHER stupid review just to tell... THIS COMPLETELY ROCKED!!! The BEST ONE out of the 5!!! This time, more jokes!!! And they go to Heaven... "They've Killed Newton!" "You BASTARDS..."... ALL YOUR SCHOOL ARE BELONG TO US... hehehehehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH*cough cough*... gotta go, my mother's telling me to leave... it's 3 am damn it! Well, see ya later! I want to do a voice!

McRhyme responds:

Better go to bed little boy, you've got school tomorrow! Ahh... you don't have to go to school - I'm sure you learn more from YP :) Listen to Fred, he's smart. Haha.

So how's the weather in Argentina this time of the year?!

I love this stuff!

thanks so much for bringing your creativity and great sense of humor to Newgrounds, Marcus! I've watched all the episodes of "YTown" thus far, and I've really enjoyed all of them. Hope you keep submitting them here like you've been doing. We need more people like you around to show all the newbies just what "The Portal" is made for.

McRhyme responds:

Oh Kitty, Oh Kitty!
Isn't it all a pitty,
that Newgrounds is so shitty?
Well, we have to stay strong
and beat those who are wrong.
So we can be all ...


be all...



Thank you thank you thank you

For making a movie that doesn't suck. I liked the rat or squirrel or whatever that says "beep". the end was cool. Great work.

McRhyme responds:

Well, thank you. My movie now officially doesn't suck. That's one step in the right direction :)

And for your information:
It was a "tiny mouse"!



McRhyme responds: