Reviews for "Ytown Public 5"

very good movie...

lots of extras and amusment.... good job

McRhyme responds:

Glory: This guy is cool.
Fred: Jupp, seems like it.
Glory: And he's got good taste.
Fred: Jupp, seems like it.


All kinds of neat extras + a movie=good job. I liked the "Prize" when you beat the trivia game. There was some funny stuff in this episode and I liked the new robot. Everyone dies?! Great!!! Whoever did the voice for the Viking sucks 'though and what the hell IS MX?! You've got to quit referencing these odd obscure flash series that no one likes. ;)

McRhyme responds:

Oh man, you're so funny.

"Everyone dies?! Great!!!"

What a crazy review. Glad you liked the robot, as I'm sure you understand - He took several weeks to make. You know first make the damn model, then render the animated part (takes like a week on my computer) and then add it to the cartoon. And having 3D robots spinning around in the most 2D catoon ever, well it takes a lot of trying-changing-and trying again before it looks alright. You totally wrong about the Viking, that voice rules. It was so cool I even gave the Viking the last laugh. Hehe. Promise I won't ever mention MX again :) Sorry...


Nice job man, but I still think Ytown Public is definitely cool...

McRhyme responds:

Good thing you still like the series! I have one more episode that will be submitted in just a couple of days!

Just another Y-town Public...

Aww, my balls hurt. Someone hit me with a guitar, and the pain just won't go away. Anybody have a piece of advice? The pain...the pain!

McRhyme responds:

Glory: What is this guy taking about?

Fred: I don't know. Something about a pain in his balls.

Glory: Yeah, isn't it weird?

Fred: With a guitar? Why would someone do something like that?

Glory: Maybe it was an accident.

Fred: Maybe be deserved it...

LOL! Thanks for the review!

Perfect, as always

Alambadodi, alambadodiladidey :)
The trivai was too easy ! You should have changed the order of the questions (random) at each new start.
The movie is as always a piece of Art !

McRhyme responds:

Perfect? - Haha! Thanks NEVER head that before about these series. Haha. Wow. I'm blushing... no.

You won the TRIVA?! WOW, and you didn't cheat? Good work, man! You're the first one I've heard of to make through all 15 questions! Haha. Wow, did you see the other episodes again?