Reviews for "Ytown Public 5"


erm.....lets see....proper review.....when i....no.....i like pie.....oh dammit. THIS RULES! i did pretty well on the trivia, especially on question 10. i wonder why?

McRhyme responds:

Good try. I really think you're getting better at this :)

I figured that you would get Q#10 right. Haha. Kinda was your part, wasn't it. Yeah. I was thinking for adding you to #6 as well but dropped the idea because of lack of time (and head eggs, sorry head ache)!

Hmm.. that wasn't funny. Never mind.

I've said what I think of this series before.

So I'll just remark that this episode has, in no way, changed that opinion.

McRhyme responds:

Oh, I see. Too bad.


very impressive. it's good to know there are people like you who help to make newgrounds an enjoyable place. btw where did you get the program that made the voices for your robots?

McRhyme responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it. I used a prog called "Please Read" for the voices but I also used external effects from my soundcard to make the voices sound more "personal" and robotic. There's another episode comming in just a couple of days! Be sure not to miss it! Haha!


The best one of the series. This episode should be high in the top 50 of all time. This was a geat piece of work.

McRhyme responds:

Thank you very, very much. I think so too :) However I'm quite happy with the fact that I have my own spot at the series so people who like the series can watch them all (over and over again)!

Ytown! Woohoo!

I felt so happy when I first saw this on the list, and it was only a few minutes before it turned blue. I love Ytown!
Off the topic: Larry Ellison is the CEO of an American technolgy company called Oracle.

McRhyme responds:

Interesting facts...
Who the heck is that guy, by the way?

Thanks for the review!