Reviews for "Ytown Public 5"


Again, another great movie :D

Oh, and btw...

"You Made it! I can't believe it! You actually nailed all 15 Ytown Public Trivial questions." etc... ;)


take that tera eraser u havet 2 get a new sack of balls hahhahahaha !!!!!

Trivia Completed

I completed the trivia at the first try and without watching the series more than twice, because I like your movie so much.


this has 2 be the best one yet... o bye the way i finished the trivia.... nice prize really annoying though... please add to the series ...it cant die yet...it just cant!!!

McRhyme responds:

You think? This always was the worst one to me. Glad you see some other qualities in it!

the plot thickens...

damn, youi just keep throwing in more and more random stuff. very good still and still very funny.