Reviews for "Ytown Public 5"

always makes me laguh! always!

wow...i just love your entire series of Ytown School...absolutley amazing! every episode has made me laugh! althought the graphics and sound arent the best they could be...it doesn't really matter all tht much with your series becuase the humour in each episode just develps more and more throughout each episode....plus...i love the character descriptions beofre each movie plays....they really....get you in the right frame of mind for the movie.
p.s. i got evry question right on the trivia thing...im not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing yet.... :|
xxxxxxxx keep up the good work! xxxxxxxx


OMFG the All your school are now belong to us almost kiled me! HAHAHA! These are really funny!


I thought this was one of youre funnier movies. I like the robots request for a new sack of balls, I thought that was a little random. Oh, and I mastered the quiz on my first try. I think you should make it a little more difficult


ace but the quiz i easy i did it first time alambadodi keep it up

the best thing around here

this was a very good animation.
I won the trivia in 1 time.
it was easy,please make many more.