Reviews for "Ytown Public 5"

Now i peed on myself 4 nothing

i like ytown public. Its kewl and kinda funny. keep it up

While CU is getting crapier and less funny

This series is getting better. Keep it up

McRhyme responds:

Thanks! Hehe... Yeah, CU sure is lacking! I really like CU2 the rest is average. YP has better graphics, sound, MUSIC, story AND eh... jokes?

Haha! Megalomaniac? Wouldn't you be?!

Good stuff!

Well it looks like you've got a good series going on here... Oh yeah and I got the trivia on the FIRST TRY :-D yay me. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see your version of heaven... heh heh.

McRhyme responds:

YAY FOR YOU! I'll let you know that YP#6 will feature a much TRICKIER TRIVIA! Haha! And you can also practice playing bass (? You'll see!).

My version of Heaven is like any others.

ai manijd to beet de trivia!

Der wer a few questions ai got rong first taim do...

ai reelly laik fourchinnigan's voice.

Yoo shood make the voice actor credits scroll slower and hav something going on in the background ocayshunally, but not al de taim. Laik in episode 3.

wen will de next episode com out???

Ai cant wait to see wat hapens!!!

Ar5 yopo going to just keep maiking YTown moovys, or is der actually ever going to be an end?

By de way, ai laik de way dat this episode finished very much - ai meen de wai dat it kind of went to de next scene and den ended.

Ai prefer a serial to a series. Serial: continues de story (after #2) series - seperate story, but same characters (#1,#2).

Keep up de good work

-NG Clock

McRhyme responds:

Fourchinnigan is great.

I first thought of making it a serial. Ep#1 and Ep#2 are serial. The rest is very series. I'm remaking epsiode one. It will be part musical. Hopefully it will be better. I'm leaving Sweden and my computer to go to England and work for 6 months. When I come back you can expect #7. But #6 ends in a satisfying way, so don't worry! I'm not the creator of the "Lord of the Rings" or "Back to the Future" - I'm the creator of "Ytown Public" and I try to make good endings.


This was an amazing movie just like all the other episodes AMAZING WORK

McRhyme responds:

Glaad you like it! Wooohoooo!