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bob's revenge

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OKAY IM GETTING SICK OF THIS, this is not a game where you can spam the attack button the whole time, this is a skill based action game, use every ability you have to your advantage.
-duck against archer fire
-dash when grunts are about to hit you
-dash when the barbarians are about to hit you, and then atatck them when their vunerable, but if you have to move to attack them then they will be able to hit you back before you can dash again.


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Oh god, i haven't played this game for years. It was cool and i even remembered the music from the game. Some enemies and cliffs are even annoying, but being able to be faced, if not, easily.

Also, what leaves me intriguing is about the two remaining knights shown up after you kill the Black Knight. Those remaining two are the Blue and the Red Knight. They didn't appear when i played the game again, but it's still curious and fun.

However, despite listening to all the three songs, the one who remains is the Main Menu song, which is calm and peaceful, albeit in a melancholic way. ¿Anyone would please give me the link to that song?

2019? <3 que nostalgia


Good for a 4 year old game

Not very hard. Only problem for me was the jump

All i do is spam the attack button...

nah just kidding but seriously this game is kinda repetitive i just attack dash attack dash attack and dash it get really annoying especially when you still get hit after you dash. either make it a beat em up where you attack the shit out of all the guys or make it with more skillz and weapons to make it more strategical which i guess is what you wanted.