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Reviews for "bob's revenge"


pretty good but u should be able to pick up weapons and have magic make a sequal PLZZZZZZZ

overall 10/10


Overall, this was a good game. I would really like to see a sequel, so would like to make these suggestions.
-make it so that the enemies don't walk through you, so that dashing back to avoid attacks can be made easier
-add some different attack animations and attacks, maybe magic (I didn't get that far, so if it's in there, then yay), and different death animation
-BETTER MUSIC. That's my only real complaint.
-a block function.
- Moar enemies.
-Different weapons.
-Character creation.
-Maybe refine the background art a bit more.

Good job!


not worth the time.. no challenge at all..

thedo12 responds:

funny 80 percent of the people who reveiwed this game thought it was too hard.


i fell into the hole and the grunts came after me into the hole loli don't really like actions game much so i didn't think it was that good anyway and the animation wasn't that great either one good thing is that you don't make it really easy to kill monsters just by spamming the attack button =D

not good..

ONLY! part about this game i liked was the animation.

thedo12 responds: