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Reviews for "bob's revenge"

not bad

not bad, but gets tough, but good game though.


on my comp it wasn't laggy at all... but i wish it was 'cause then I would have exited sooner and saved about 2 mins of my life that i actually ended up wasting playing this crap...
I hate how you can only go left to right and i think it's too easy, which never goes well with a game, trust me. what was that, hold the 'z' key for a continuous attack that kills all? how hard is that? hold down the 'z' key and move towards your enemies, who was the 'genius' to decide that? And secondly, the animation was crappy and the music was stupid as well. 'I'm gonna put light soft music in the background of my already horrific game! did i mention it's a killing game??' is that what you we're thinking? i hope not, 'cause if the people today are thinking that primitively... it may result in reverse-evolution... and reverse evolution isn't good, people... in-fact, it's terrible...

thedo12 responds:

lets see you do better


I know you said that this game isn't an attack-spam game ... but IMO, I think it would make the game a helluva lot better. You tried to take a simple game and make it more complex than needed. When you made it complex, you made it glitchy, like the people below me have already pointed out. Otherwise, it wasn't all that bad.

thedo12 responds:

dear Getorix I read yuo review and I love it please review all my other entrys

Slightly not too bad

It was pretty good, but it could use a bit of improvement. I noticed that backdashing never seemed to put you out of reach of an opponent's sword, and when you use the power attack, you spin forward so that if you do it to a grunt, by the time you swing your sword, you're on the other side of them and miss entirely. Other than that, it was a pretty fun game.

Not bad

The game itself is not bad, but it needs some work. For example, when you are as the same spot as a grunt, they can hit you but u can't hit them. Also in many other cases you see your sword touch them but they don't gain damage and instead they hit you.