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Reviews for "bob's revenge"

i need to block

whats up wit the dash

Great one.

These are the kind of submissions i remember for a long while.
not the best graphics ever , but i prefer it this way , weird looking , and not laggy at the least little bit even with my rather weak computer.for example , Paladin game that came out earlier : great graphics , but lag at low settings.
To the ones before complaining about blocking.... Bob has one arm , try blocking with a single arm wich is wielding a sword.There isnt backslides for no reason.
I still wonder , did the rage function normally?I've beaten the game twice , one where i died alot on the boss , not knowing what i was doing , so i lost my rage , and another time where i didnt lose any.I didnt see a difference.
Well , cant wait to see the sequels ( if there is any coming up ) , good job guys , keep up the good work , nice choice of audio by the way!
5/5 10/10

thedo12 responds:

the reason you dont see a differnecnce is becuase the enemies get more health as you progress,
and thanks for the review.

quite good and addicting

well the game is good, addicting and have good action, i think maybe it should have ore blood but well is not so bad...

The animation is weird in sometimes and the design of the characters is bad although the game is addictive and it's fun to play, the backdash is a very good feature... The game was a bit hard in further levels so you cshould include variable difficulty..

Overall good game and well for the addiction and effort and 8/10

Definitley needs a blocking function

The lack of it made the game a bit tougher in some areas than it would have been if there had been a blocking control.
The overall look was pretty good, nice controls (especially the backdash, really helped in place of blocking) and the story was cool too.


It's good, but the collision detection needs work. Even if I am behind the guy, I still end up getting hit. Also the controls are a little slippery. When he jumps or moves, he often slides a bit. Overall, though, the game is good, and I like the art and concept.