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Reviews for "bob's revenge"

good game

lol godd game i am king of the one arm warrior

dude that was awsome !!!!

That was great the grapics were b-e-a-uuuuuutfull thats from bruice almighty i like that movie. Great game i would have givin it a 10 but the game was hard so 9/10 and ill vote 4/5
dave124 out

this game

Is not nearly as good as you think it is. It's repetitive, and there's a lot of aspects that make it annoying. Here's a few things that might help...
-don't have him move forward when he attacks. It's dumb.
-Life meter on the boss. So simple, but it's frustrating to be completely in the dark about how far you are from defeating him.
-The power attack is too slow. In the time it takes to do one strong attack, you can do at least two normal attacks, making it useless.
-The extreme depletion of rage if you die against the boss makes it almost worthless to restart.
If you're going to make a difficult game, it should at least be interesting, fun, and have a backstory. This had none.

thedo12 responds:

-moving forward when you attack is realistic, try watching a fight sometime
-power attack has more range
-lets see you do better

2 hard

i would have given it a ten but i was way to hard m8 i dont know wat was going throught your mind when you were making the enimes but o well......i also found it hard to attk i was going up to them and attking buy it wasnt doing it as well as i wanted it to......


Overall this was a decent game, but there were some major problems:
firstly is that it was focussed too much on the action, this can be a good thing, however it never hurts to add at least a bit of story and put a little more work into your cut scenes, what I didn't like about this storyline was that you only had a brief flash of your assailant in the opening movie and no explanation as to why he attacked you, who you were, or who he was. As a result you didn't really know what the point of the game was other than hacking and slashing your way to the final boss, and you didn't much care about bob's lost arm, making the whole experience feel like it wasn't worth your time. You have the makings of a compelling, if not deep, storyline here, if you make a sequel the least you should do is show dramatic parts of the story, like the cutting off of your arm, which was left out in this game.
Lets face it, in games like this if your gameplay is good the storyline doesn't have to be, which is why I think this game is unfinished. I can see that your trying to avoid the simple hack'n'slash one button gameplay that plauges lots of these types of games, but your not quite there yet. The dash function was really the only thing you had going for you, combat basically boiled down to slashing your opponent and dodging back, then repeating until they died. You tried to add a little excitement by having us duck to avoid arrows, and the boss battle took a few tries, but once you figured out that you could just as easily dash behind archers or jump over their arrows the duck function became pointless, and in the boss battle the bats did more damage to me then th actual boss since his moves were easy to dodge and you could just walk behind him when he was about to attack.

What you should add in the next game is a block function, because right now your just forced to constantly move back while attacking, while blocking would give you more variety. Also don't let bob just walk through enemies, alowing hime to dash behind enemies and stab them in the back is pointless if you could just as easily walk through them.

you might also want to consider changing the strong attack somehow, I suggest either having in make the enemy flinch or being able to charge it up, because as it is it is too slow to be useful, and since you can't see how much damage it does, you can't tell if it's strong enough to be worth the attack you recieve from your opponent after you use it.

Which brings me to my next point, add a life bar for the boss (at the very least), as it is you have no sense of how far along you are in the battle so it feels more like a pleasant surprise then an acheivement when you kill the final boss.

Finally, you should have put more emphasis on the rage bar, such as having your sword go on fire when it's full or something like that, the way it was I didn't even notice it until half way through the game, and it didn't seem have any effect on the gameplay at all.

All in all this was a decent game, If it's touched up a little I'm sure it will be a great game, so I'll be looking forward to the sequel if you decide to make it.

thedo12 responds:

thanks for review, its rare for people to write decent one now adays